Traffic Law

Our team handles all types of traffic cases from minor violations to DUI to major accidents.
Having legal representation when facing any traffic violation charge is paramount to ensure all options are available to you to eliminate or reduce any bad consequence that may result from the violation.

DUI/DWI Defense
DUI convictions can have serious consequences like loss of license, car impoundment, huge fees, insurance implications, employment consequences and jail time. Don’t try to fight this monster alone. Having a skilled attorney can be the difference between losing or keeping your license, can save you thousands of dollars, and can reduce or eliminate any jail time. We are skilled and experienced at navigating North Carolina’s DUI enforcement laws and will fight to reduce or eliminate the consequences you have to face.

Traffic Violations
There are ways to legally fight traffic offenses to reduce the cost and seriousness of the charge; or, in some cases, to remove it completely. We’ve helped North Carolina residents fight traffic violations involving speeding, construction zone violations, driving without a valid license, driving without insurance, hit-and-run and other moving and non-moving violations. While we cant promise to make every charge go away, we have an established track record of helping NC residents avoid the worst consequences of their traffic offense charges.