Civil Defense Law

A civil dispute is one between two or more parties that seeks injunctive or punitive damages, rather than criminal sanctions. We are experienced at providing advice and legal counsel for a myriad of civil issues including business and commercial, personal injury and other areas like real estate, insurance, and employment.

Business and commercial
We represent clients who have disputes involving contracts, business acquisitions, partner and shareholder disputes, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, commercial lending claims and other business and commercial disputes.

Personal Injury
Did someone injury you in a car accident? Were you harmed as a result of negligence? We can help. We represent clients involved in auto accidents or who were injured as a result of negligence, defective products, professional negligence, unsafe working conditions, and other personal injury claims like worker’s compensation.

Real Estate, Insurance and Other Civil Litigation
We represent individuals and businesses involved in commercial and residential real estate disputes like breach of contract, construction defects and lease disputes. We are also skilled at insurance disputes like wrongfully denied claims, bad faith claims, delayed or underpaid claim, fraud litigation and others. We can also represent clients in other areas of civil claims like housing discrimination and landlord-tenant issues.