Angelea C. Norcross has been practicing law on the Outer Banks for over 22 years with
an emphasis on Family Law and Criminal Law. Angelea is from Charlottesville, Virginia
and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1982. Angelea traveled through Europe
and then attended George Mason University School of Law, graduating in the top third of
her class in 1989.

Ms. Norcross prides herself on the close relationships she forms with her clients
and is very dedicated to obtaining the best result for each and every client in every
circumstance. Her Family Law practice includes divorce, child custody, premarital
and post-nuptial agreements, property distribution, termination of parental rights and
domestic violence actions. Her Criminal Law practice encompasses every type of
criminal action from speeding tickets to felonies. She has extensive trial experience both
at the District Court level and jury trials in Superior Court.

Ms. Norcross also represents parents who have become involved with the Department of
Social Services and have been accused of neglect or abuse or are facing termination of
their parental rights.

If you are looking for a representative who is diligent, experienced and dedicated to your
case, Ms. Norcross is the attorney for you.

Carter Graham was born and raised in Richmond Virginia. Carter attended Virginia
Commonwealth University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Masters
Degree in Criminal Justice. After working for a few years in a criminal justice related field,
Carter decided he would like to transition to the practice of law. Carter attended Widener
University School of Law in Wilmington, Delaware. While attending law school Carter was able
to secure two summer internships with the North Carolina’s Dare County’s district attorney’s
office as well as an externship with the Delaware Attorney General’s office. This experience laid
the foundation for employment with the Norcross Law Group.

Carter enjoys practicing in the fields of Criminal Law, Family Law and almost all civil litigation.
Carter enjoys arguing his clients’ cases in front of judges and juries in order to get the results
they desire.

Carter currently lives in Kill Devil Hills with his wife and four children. He is an avid runner and
enjoys spending time with his family.